Have the stresses of everyday life
ever been too much



We are moving locations and are temporarily closed.

Come visit the #1 new experience in upstate New York!

A place where you can let all of your stress and anger out.
No judgement, no consequences.

Or maybe,
you’re just looking to have a good time with some friends. Welcome to Syracuse’s first smash room.

Smash Syracuse will provide you with an experience you will not forget, and we know you’ll be back for more!

“We smashed stuff. We pounded stuff. We yelled about stuff. We laughed about stuff.
Very satisfying. Very cathartic. I highly recommend this place to safely and legally get out your frustrations.”
– Kristin, April 2019

What the people are saying...

“I brought 3 girls in not knowing what to expect and they had the best time swinging those crowbars, bats and sledge hammers trying to break as many things as they can. Staff was great too! They let me go back to get pictures and even turned the videos on. Definitely a must do and we will be back!”
– Christina Goras Brydges

“What a great time! We were walk-ins and they went out of their way to accommodate us on a Saturday night. Will be back to smash more for sure…the glass pieces were our favorite!”
– Angela Palumbos

“This place is amazing. I wish I would have known about it sooner! Great place to let off steam! Staff is friendly and accommodating. I will be returning…extremely soon. So much fun!”
– Tosh Jordan


Our first location established in 2018, Smash Therapy is one of USA’s largest smash rooms and the first of its kind in Rochester. We are doubling down on the success of this first location to bring you Smash Syracuse!

Huge 6,000 sq. ft facility spread across 4 rooms
3 rooms accomodating 4 people each
1 room accomodating 10 people
Book up to 10 people at once!
All safety equipment provided
Video Cameras installed in each room so you can purchase a recording of your smash session
Free wi-fi and speakers to jam out to your favorite music
Fast and easy online booking

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